Which butterflies are usually exhibited in a butterfly house? 

Butterfly houses, also known as butterfly zoos or conservatories, often exhibit a variety of butterfly species native to the region or specific habitat in which the butterfly house is located. In some cases, the butterfly house may also exhibit exotic or non-native species.

The butterfly pupae (cocoons) used in a butterfly house can come from a variety of sources. Some butterfly houses breed their own butterflies onsite, using eggs and larvae that are obtained from reputable suppliers. Other butterfly houses may purchase pupae from commercial butterfly farms or from other butterfly houses.

Butterfly houses may also receive donations of pupae from individual butterfly breeders or collectors. In some cases, the butterfly house may work with conservation organizations to propagate endangered or threatened butterfly species.

It is common for butterfly houses to also exhibit other types of animals, such as birds, reptiles, or mammals, in addition to butterflies. Quails are sometimes included in butterfly houses because they are relatively easy to care for and can help to control pests such as insects that might be harmful to the butterflies.

How can I attract tropical butterflies to fly to me during a visit to a butterfly house?

  1. Wear bright, colorful clothing: Butterflies are attracted to bright, colorful objects, so wearing bright clothing may help attract them to you.
  1. Use scented lotions or perfumes: Butterflies are attracted to sweet scents, so using scented lotions or perfumes may help attract them to you.
  1. Carry a small container of fruit: Butterflies are attracted to sweet, fruity scents, so carrying a small container of fruit with you may help attract them to you.
  1. Stand near flowering plants: Butterflies are attracted to flowers, so standing near flowering plants may help attract them to you.
  1. Be patient: Butterflies can be skittish and may take a while to approach you, so be patient and give them time to come to you.

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