Raising butterflies from a breeding kit typically involves obtaining the necessary materials and supplies, such as a habitat or enclosure and food for the caterpillars. 

The kit may also include live caterpillars or eggs, or it may provide instructions on how to find and collect these. 

In contrast, raising butterflies from nature involves finding and collecting eggs, caterpillars, or pupae in the wild and providing them with the necessary habitat and care. 

One major difference is that raising butterflies from a breeding kit can provide a more controlled and predictable environment, while raising butterflies from nature may be more challenging and subject to variables such as weather and predators. 

Additionally, raising butterflies from a breeding kit may not provide the opportunity for the butterflies to contribute to the local ecosystem in the same way as those raised from wild specimens.

Is it allowed to take butterflies from nature?

It is generally not recommended to take butterflies from nature for the purpose of raising them in captivity. 

In most cases, it is illegal to capture or collect butterflies without a permit. 

If you are interested in raising butterflies, it is best to purchase butterfly eggs, caterpillars, or pupae from a reputable supplier. This will ensure that the butterflies are obtained legally and are in good health. 

If you do come across a butterfly in nature that appears to be injured or in need of assistance, it is best to contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center or a butterfly expert for guidance on how to help the butterfly.

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