There are several things that can go wrong during butterfly breeding:

  1. Poor nutrition: Caterpillars need a proper diet in order to grow and develop properly. If they are not given enough food or the right type of food, they may become sick or die.
  1. Disease: Caterpillars and pupae can be prone to various diseases, such as fungal infections and viruses. Proper hygiene and cleanliness can help prevent these diseases from spreading.
  1. Pest infestations: Caterpillars and pupae can be attacked by pests, such as mites or aphids. These pests can weaken or kill the insects. Using a natural pest control method can help prevent infestations.
  1. Temperature and humidity: Caterpillars and pupae have specific temperature and humidity requirements in order to develop properly. If the conditions are too hot or cold, or if the humidity is too high or low, the insects may suffer or die.

To avoid these problems, it is important to provide the caterpillars with a proper diet, maintain clean and hygienic conditions, use natural pest control methods, and carefully control the temperature and humidity.

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