You can print out the following voucher yourself and use it as a gift. We recommend that you order the gift with a provisional shipping date. If necessary, you can postpone the shipping date free of charge with a short e-mail. Print the gift voucher now and pre-order your butterflies.

Hints and description for the fields on the voucher

In the “Recipient” field, please enter the name of the recipient. In the “From” field, please enter your name.

In the “Value” field, you can enter the value of the voucher. However, for a gift, it is better to use the name of the breeding kit.

In the “Order Number” field, please enter the order number that you will receive once you have placed and paid for your order.

In the “Provisional Shipping Date” field, please enter the date you selected when placing the order. We recommend choosing a shipping date as late as possible. This allows the recipient the most time to adjust the shipping date. If the shipping date is not changed, the shipment will be sent on the specified date.