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Changing the shipping date

The shipping date can be changed until the deadline for accepting the order (see details below). Changes can be made under “My Account” > “Orders” > “Change” > “Edit” > Select new shipping date > “Update”.

Changing the Delivery Address

The billing and delivery address can be changed under “My Account” > “Address” > “Edit” > Enter new address > “Save Address”.

Please note that changes to the address will only apply to future purchases. If you need to change the address of an order that has already been placed, this can be done by email up to the cut-off date for changes (see below for details). Please reply to the order confirmation email (subject: “Order Confirmation”).

After the cut-off date, changes to the delivery address can only be made through the delivery options email sent by the carrier. This email is usually received on the selected shipping date in the evening.

Acceptance Deadline

The deadline for accepting changes is 6:00 PM on the evening before the scheduled shipping date. If the shipping date is on a Monday, changes can be made until Sunday at 6:00 PM as described above.