Using real butterflies in art can be a beautiful and creative way to incorporate these insects into your artwork. Here are a few tips for using real butterflies in art:

  1. Obtain the butterflies legally: It is important to obtain the butterflies you will be using in your artwork legally and ethically. Some countries and states have laws in place to protect butterflies and other insects, and it is important to follow these laws to ensure that you are not harming the environment or contributing to the illegal trade of these insects.
  1. Collect and preserve the butterflies: To use real butterflies in your artwork, you will need to collect and preserve them. There are a few different ways to do this, including pinning the butterflies to a foam board or placing them in a frame with a clear backing. To preserve the butterflies, you can use a mixture of glycerin and water or a specialty butterfly-preserving solution.
  1. Use the butterflies in your artwork: Once the butterflies are collected and preserved, you can use them in a variety of art projects. Some ideas could include creating a collage with the butterflies, incorporating them into a mixed media piece, or using them as a decorative element in a painting or drawing.
  2. Alternative use real butterflies for photo- and video-Events.

It is important to handle the butterflies with care when using them in your artwork, as they are delicate insects. You should also take care to store the butterflies properly to prevent them from being damaged or deteriorating over time.

We hope these tips are helpful!

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