What are typical questions about the butterfly?

Some examples of questions that might be used in a classwork assignment about butterflies in primary school:

  1. What is the life cycle of a butterfly?
  2. How do butterflies change as they grow and develop?
  3. What do butterflies eat?
  4. What are the different parts of a butterfly’s body and what do they do?
  5. How do butterflies find food and mates?
  6. Where do butterflies live?
  7. What kinds of animals eat butterflies?
  8. How do butterflies help plants grow?
  9. What are some common types of butterflies found in your region?
  10. How can you help protect butterflies and their habitats?

Butterflies quiz questions

Example quiz questions about butterflies that could be suitable for kids:

  1. What is the process by which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly called? (Answer: metamorphosis)
  1. How do butterflies taste their food? (Answer: with their feet)
  1. What do butterflies eat? (Answer: nectar from flowers, fruit, or other sources of sugar)
  1. What is the scientific name for the order of insects to which butterflies belong? (Answer: Lepidoptera)
  1. How do butterflies fly? (Answer: They use their wings to flap and glide through the air)
  1. What is the function of the proboscis of a butterfly? (Answer: The proboscis is a long, thin structure that butterflies use to sip nectar from flowers)
  1. What are the stages of the butterfly life cycle? (Answer: egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), adult)
  1. What is the process by which a butterfly lays its eggs called? (Answer: oviposition)
  1. What is the process by which a butterfly mates called? (Answer: copulation)
  1. How many wings does a butterfly have? (Answer: two forewings and two backwings)

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