Butterflies for special occasions


This is what makes our butterflies number one

Native butterflies

Our butterflies are exclusively the Painted Lady butterflies species, native to Europe.


To ensure that the butterflies are healthy, we breed and transport them accordingly to quality standards of the International Butterfly Breeders Association (IBBA).


The butterflies will arrive in time for the event. We send out the butterflies by express delivery with our shipping service provider. The delivery will take place within 48 hours.


Each order is accompanied by a speech and a poem in written form, appropriate to the event.


The butterflies hibernate artificially at temperatures between 4 and 17°C. You can use the butterflies at your event at temperatures above 17°C.

Butterfly photos

At temperatures between 17 and 21°C, butterflies do not fly away directly. In this temperature range, butterflies are particularly suitable for butterfly photos.

100% success guarantee

We are happy to take your suggestions for improvement on board.

Customer support

We will provide you with all the information you need to keep the butterflies healthy until they are ready to fly.
We are happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.

Butterfly box

We offer you a choice of different butterfly boxes. The butterfly boxes are large enough offering the butterflies enough air.

Your butterfly breeder

Hello, I am a experienced butterfly breeder and offering your best customer support if necessary.

We breed and ship beautiful butterflies that you can set free at your event. You surely will enrichen the atmosphere of your event with the symbolic character they carry.

Buy native butterflies directly from your butterfly breeder.

Customer feedback

The butterflies were a highlight of our wedding and they were beautiful. We will never forget this moment. Mr. Anderer does it with a lot of love and you can see that the butterflies are doing well. We can only recommend him.
Maja Brosig
Butterflies for the wedding
I ordered 50 butterflies for a wedding. The butterflies were all healthy and beautiful and much bigger than expected.
I can only report positive things! A clear recommendation!
Annika Tietze
Butterflies for the wedding
We ordered the butterflies as a wedding gift for the church ceremony. Mr Anderer gave us detailed instructions on how to use the butterflies. The 100 butterflies were accompanied by a festive speech on paper, which was recited by my husband when the bride and groom left the church. At the wedding, the butterflies were a real highlight. We particularly liked that some of the butterflies still landed on the bride’s dress, floral decorations and bouquet. It was beautiful!
Jaqueline Kassner
Butterflies for the wedding
Really something special…
The butterflies arrived on time and well packed. Thanks to the enclosed description, it was not difficult to get the butterflies to the point where they left the box as a small swarm and partly settled on the wedding dress to show off.
All in all, a great surprise for the bride and groom and one of the highlights of the wedding.
Lydia Spiekermann
Butterflies for the wedding
The butterflies were for my grandmother’s funeral urn. The great-grandchildren let them fly (they each had one on their finger), it was an incredibly moving moment. Now, every time we see a butterfly, we remember her. I can recommend Mr. Anderer without reservation.
Esther Brisbois
Butterflies for the funeral
Thank you very much for the fast service. The butterflies were for my father’s funeral service. It was a beautiful sight to see the butterflies flying.
Heike van Kampen
Butterflies for the funeral
We organised the butterflies for the funeral of my beloved mother. A great experience on an unfortunately very sad occasion. The reactions of the mourners, without exception, were also positive. We released the butterflies (Painted Ladies) into nature in honour and memory of my mother. A lasting experience. I can only recommend Mr. Anderer, who helped us a lot.
Emilia Maag
Butterflies for the funeral

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FAQ: Your Guide to Releasing Butterflies for Special Occasions

The release of butterflies is recommended for the period from April to the end of September.

The butterflies are often booked for the following events:

  • Wedding.
  • Wedding anniversary.
  • Birthday.
  • Funeral.
  • Death anniversary.
  • Photo/video event.

We ship to the following countries: see the table below.

CountryShipping time [d]Shipping costs [€]
Czech Republic1-230
Spain Mainland1-230
France Mainland230
France Corsica230
San Marino230
Countries we ship to with shipping time and shipping costs.

You send us your request via online order form.

We check the stock and make you an offer within 24 hours. The offer is valid for one week.

If you accept our offer, you send us the required amount for reservation.

As soon as we have received your payment, we send you a confirmation by e-mail.

We will send you a tracking link so that you can follow your butterfly package. The butterflies will arrive on time before your event.

Please be sure to accept the package personally!

Until flight, please store the butterflies in a cool place at temperatures between +4 °C and 17 °C.

Keeping the butterflies in the shipping box or refrigerator both is suitable for this purpose.

For storage in the shipping box, the cold pack may need to be replaced.

For storage in the refrigerator, it is recommended to set the refrigerator to the warmest setting. Place only the butterfly box in the refrigerator without the shipping box!

Keeping the butterflies cool they will need no feeding until your event.

If you wish to fly the butterflies later than planned, please prepare a mixture of sugar and water in a ratio of 1:10. Then dip a paper towel in the mixture and hang it in the butterfly box. The butterflies need about 3 hours to digest. Please keep the butterflies at room temperature so that they can eat and digest. Afterwards place the butterflies back in the cool environment.

Which is better, cooling the butterflies with the cold pack in the shipping box or in the refrigerator?

The shipping box method with cold pack is more suitable if you intend to transport the butterflies. However, the cold pack must be replaced regularly after about 24 hours.
The refrigerator method is generally more recommended for stationary usage, because the refrigerator always provides the desired temperature range.

The flight of butterflies at your event depends on the weather.

Butterflies fly best during day time, when the sun is shining and the temperature is above 21°C.

At temperatures between 17 and 21°C, butterflies do not fly directly. In this temperature range, butterflies are particularly suitable for butterfly photos.

In case of temperatures below 17°C, heavy rain, wind, etc., you should consider letting the butterflies fly later. You can also place the butterflies in a sheltered spot, for example on a flower. As soon as the temperature warms up, the butterflies will continue to fly.

Never ever put the butterflies in the freezer! Butterflies require temperatures between +4°C and +17°C in order to go into winter dormancy.

Never leave butterflies in a warm car.

Keep butterflies away from other animals such as cats and birds.

Do not release butterflies in closed rooms.

You will receive the butterflies in a isolating shipping box.

The shipping box contains a instruction recommondations as well as a butterfly box and a cool pack.

The cold pack is wrapped in an insulating foil. The insulation ensures slow and long term realease of cooling.

We send them by express shipping, guaranteeing delivery within 24 to 48 hours depending on destination country.

Also, we send the butterflies one day prior. This means you will receive the butterflies two days before your event.

Deviations are possible due to public holidays. We will inform you of the alternative in this case.

This is meconium. Meconium is a natural excretion of butterflies and is harmless.

In the transparent box the meconium can be easily removed with a damp paper towel.

Depending on outside temperatures they take 5 to 10 minutes to slowly wake up and move. At critical temperatures around 17°C it will take a bit longer. 

Keep the butterflies in the shade until there releas.

To photograph butterflies, you have to play with the temperature.

At temperatures between +4°C and +17°C, the butterflies are in artificial hibernation.

You can also see this by the fact that the butterflies keep their wings closed.

You can now take the butterflies by the closed wings between your index and middle finger and place them on the bride’s dress, for example.

In the shade and at temperatures between 17 and 21°C, the butterflies will not fly off directly. In this case, butterflies are particularly suitable for photographs.

As soon as the temperature warms up or the sun shines directly on the butterflies, they slowly emerge from their winter dormancy. Depending on the ambient temperature, the butterflies might fly away relatively quickly.

Best photos are taken in the transitional phase between winter dormancy and butterfly flight.

You can touch the butterflies.

From a young age we were taught only to look at and photograph butterflies, but not to touch them.

In general, this is recommendable as you risk damaging there wings.

In some cases (here when transferring the butterflies, for example on the wedding dress), pick up the butterfly by gently pinching the four wings between your index and middle finger. The butterfly is not damaged by this kind of light touch on the underside of there wings.

The two major risks to wing damage are the following:

On the one hand, the small scales that give butterflies’ wings their characteristic texture, colours and patterns are fairly easy to peel off. A few loose ones won’t do the butterfly much harm. So stay calm if some coloured dust comes off. However, if too many scales are removed, it may reduce the butterfly’s camouflage and its chances of reproduction.

A butterfly whose species-specific patterns and colours are destroyed appears less healthy to potential mates.

Contrary to some popular belief, the loss of wing scales is not particularly “unhealthy” for the butterfly, except that it may be easier for predators to detect. It does not get sick or die directly from the scales loss.

After opening the butterfly box, the butterflies fly around a few times to orientate themselves.

Then the butterflies fly off in search of nectar, heading for nearby flower beds or meadows.

For following reasons, we only offer coloured butterflies (Painted Ladies). 

Coloured butterflies are more visible on wedding dresses due to colour contrast.

Coloured butterflies tend to take a little longer to emerge from their winter dormancy. This gives you a little more time for your butterfly photos.

Colourfull butterflies are more apt for the provided speech as the speech tells as story of an old legend and a wish come true.

Our prices are all-inclusive: Including customer support, express shipping, professional packaging, butterfly box and written speech.

The price depends on the number of butterflies you order.

If you order at least 4 weeks before the event, you will receive a 10% early booking discount. For bookings made at least 14 days before the event, you will receive a 5% discount.

For orders placed after this date, the full price will be charged. Depending on the deadline and the quantity you book, it is possible that all the butterflies are already sold out.

If you are hesitating because you expect the wedding to be postponed because of Corona, we offer you the possibility to re-book the butterflies for a later date for 50 euros.

Thank you for your interest! You can buy the adult butterflies that will fly at your event by clicking on the following button:

We also offer butterfly caterpillar kits to raise butterflies yourself. 

Click following button to buy.

This depends on the ambient temperature. We recommend checking the temperature upon arrival in the shipping box and then conducting regular checks every 24 hours.

If you observe that the butterflies are moving or even flying in the box, it is time to replace the cooling pack with a cooler one.

The optimal time to remove the butterflies from the cool shipping box depends on the weather conditions and your intentions.

If you intend to take photos with the butterflies, we recommend removing the butterflies from the cool shipping box as late as possible. This allows the butterflies ample time to warm up, giving you the opportunity to capture calmly perched butterflies and create beautiful butterfly pictures. It’s advisable to keep the butterflies in the shade to extend their warm-up time and provide them with enough time to warm up before they take flight.

However, if you wish to open the butterfly box and release the butterflies immediately, we recommend taking the butterfly box out of the cool shipping box about 10 minutes before releasing them. When you open the butterfly box and place the butterflies directly in the sun, they will take off relatively quickly. This allows for a swift release if that is your preference.

Savings Tip: Breed your own butterflies and save money!

Why not immerse yourself in the fascinating world of butterfly breeding by cultivating your own butterflies for your event? This could potentially be a way to save money.

Plan ahead by setting the shipping date of the caterpillars at least 4 weeks before the event. For a relaxed experience, we recommend a lead time of 5 weeks with a constant room temperature of 24°C. Our attached guide provides step-by-step support for a successful rearing of the butterfly larvae.

Our recommendation for an excellent value proposition: Butterfly breeding kit includes 4 caterpillar cups, each with 5-7 live butterfly larvae, along with a large butterfly habitat. Explore the kit here: https://buy-butterflies.com/product/butterfly-rearing-kit-includes-4-cups-each-with-5-7-live-caterpillars-and-a-habitat/.

If needed, you can add additional caterpillar cups according to your preferences and budget: https://buy-butterflies.com/product/butterfly-rearing-refill-kit-includes-4-cups-each-with-5-7-live-caterpillars/. The large butterfly habitat accommodates up to 20 caterpillar cups (100 to 140 butterflies).

To maximize aesthetic joy, we recommend using a second clean habitat where you can relocate the butterflies just before your planned event.

The opportunity to raise butterflies on your own and then release them into the wild is a special experience, especially captivating for children.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the exact hatching time of the butterflies. This explains, among other things, the lower price compared to the prices listed below. Furthermore, when breeding butterflies on your own, express delivery and a special butterfly box are not included.


All prices include express shipping (delivery within 24 to 48 hours depending on country of destination), a festive butterfly box and a professionally written speech.

If you place your order at least 30 days before the event, you will receive a 10% discount on the prices shown below.

For bookings made at least 14 days before the event, you will receive a 5% discount.

The minimum order quantity is 10 butterflies.

Number of butterflies [-] Price per butterfly [€] Total price [€]
100 6,49 649
99 6,50 643
98 6,50 637
97 6,51 631
96 6,51 625
95 6,52 619
94 6,52 613
93 6,53 607
92 6,53 601
91 6,54 595
90 6,55 589
89 6,55 583
88 6,56 577
87 6,56 571
86 6,57 565
85 6,58 559
84 6,59 553
83 6,59 547
82 6,60 541
81 6,61 535
80 6,62 529
79 6,62 523
78 6,63 517
77 6,64 511
76 6,65 505
75 6,66 499
74 6,67 493
73 6,67 487
72 6,68 481
71 6,69 475
70 6,70 469
69 6,71 463
68 6,73 457
67 6,74 451
66 6,75 445
65 6,76 439
64 6,77 433
63 6,78 427
62 6,80 421
61 6,81 415
60 6,82 409
59 6,84 403
58 6,85 397
57 6,87 391
56 6,88 385
55 6,90 379
54 6,92 373
53 6,93 367
52 6,95 361
51 6,97 355
50 [Best value for money] 6,99 349
49 7,11 348
48 7,23 347
47 7,35 345
46 7,48 343
45 7,60 342
44 7,73 339
43 7,85 337
42 7,98 335
41 8,11 332
40 8,24 329
39 8,37 326
38 8,51 323
37 8,64 319
36 8,78 316
35 8,92 312
34 9,06 308
33 9,21 303
32 9,35 299
31 9,50 294
30 [Most popular] 9,66 290
29 9,81 284
28 9,98 279
27 10,14 273
26 10,31 268
25 10,49 262
24 10,67 256
23 10,86 249
22 11,06 243
21 11,27 236
20 11,49 229
19 11,72 222
18 11,97 215
17 12,23 207
16 12,52 200
15 12,82 192
14 13,16 184
13 13,54 175
12 13,96 167
11 14,44 158
10 14,99 149

* Free shipping for all delivery addresses in Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg.

* Plus 30 euro shipping cost for all delivery addresses in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain Mainland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Finland, France Mainland, France Corsica, Greece, Sweden.

* All prices include VAT.

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