Yes, new butterfly species are still being discovered today. The reason that not all butterfly species have been recorded yet is because the process of discovering and describing new species is ongoing and ongoing.

The process of discovering new butterfly species can be quite challenging and time-consuming. It involves collecting specimens, studying their physical characteristics, genetic data and behavior and comparing them to known species. Furthermore, many butterfly species are still undiscovered in remote and poorly explored areas, such as tropical rainforests, which are difficult to access.

Additionally, many butterfly species look very similar to one another, making it difficult to distinguish between them without detailed examination. Some species are also very small and hard to spot and are only discovered by chance. The process of describing a new species can also be complicated by the lack of knowledge of the taxonomy and phylogeny of certain groups.

Climate change also plays a role in the discovery of new butterfly species, as it can cause the range of certain species to change and new species can migrate to new areas.

In summary, new butterfly species are still being discovered today due to the ongoing process of discovery, the challenges of identifying new species, the remoteness of certain areas and the lack of knowledge of certain groups, as well as the role of climate change.

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