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Schedule for the Butterfly Project in Class

  • Duration of the Project: Typically, the butterfly project takes 3-4 weeks.
  • Ideal Starting Point: Directly after the school holidays is the optimal time to begin the butterfly project.
  • Time until the Next School Holidays: Allow at least 4 weeks until the next school holidays.
  • Why 4 Weeks? This allows for a smooth butterfly project without interruptions, ensuring observation of the butterflies during emergence.

Shortening the Project Duration through Early Delivery of Caterpillars

If you find that you don’t have sufficient time at school for the project, you can have the caterpillars delivered to your home beforehand and wait for the optimal time until they are slightly larger. By introducing the Butterfly Project to the children only then, you can actively shorten the project duration while ensuring that the butterfly caterpillars are available when needed. This way, you ensure that the remaining development time fits perfectly into your schedule.

Observe the Entire Lifecycle of a Butterfly in One Day

Would you like to present your students with multiple butterfly stages (egg, caterpillar, pupa, adult butterfly) in one day? This requires some preparation and good planning.

Preparation and Planning
We recommend purchasing the first cup of caterpillars about 6 weeks before the event. These caterpillars will have fully developed by your event and may have already laid their first eggs, depending on the temperature. After that, we suggest ordering another cup of caterpillars every week or every other week, depending on your budget and desired precision. This approach will allow you to present all butterfly stages in one day, for instance, during a class visit or an exam.


Your butterfly larvae will be securely packaged in our butterfly breeding facility and shipped with DHL Premium. Delivery is within 5 days.


Upon receiving your package, open it and check the condition of the larvae. The larvae cup is already equipped with sufficient food. Ensure the cup is protected from direct sunlight until pupation. For more information on raising butterflies, refer to our FAQ.

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  • Sale! Butterfly Rearing Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Habitat

    Butterfly Rearing Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Habitat

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  • Sale! Beginner’s Butterfly Rearing Kit – Includes 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Habitat

    Beginner’s Butterfly Rearing Kit – Includes 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Habitat

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  • Sale! Butterfly Breeding Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Large Habitat

    Butterfly Breeding Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars and Large Habitat

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Do you already own a Butterfly Habitat?

Fantastic! Reuse it with one of our Butterfly Caterpillar Refill Kits:

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    Butterfly Rearing Refill Kit – Includes 3 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars

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  • Sale! live caterpillars for sale where to buy caterpillars butterfly nest buy butterflies

    Butterfly Rearing Refill Kit – Includes 4 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars

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  • Sale! Butterfly Rearing Refill Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars

    Butterfly Rearing Refill Kit – Includes 2 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars

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Do you have three kids?

Often, each child desires their own Butterfly Habitat and Caterpillar Cup. For three children, consider our Butterfly Rearing Kit, which includes three cups, each with 5-7 live caterpillars, and three habitats, providing a delightful experience for everyone!

  • Sale! live caterpillars for sale where to buy caterpillars butterfly nest buy butterflies

    Butterfly Rearing Kit – Includes 3 Cups each with 5-7 Live Caterpillars and 3 Habitats

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In the following video, we present the process of the project with the butterfly breeding kit.

In the following video, we present the features of the butterfly habitat, demonstrating how to unfold it and, after completing the butterfly project, fold it back into a space-saving form for storage until the next use.

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Experience the wonder of the Painted Lady butterfly in the comfort of your own home. Native to all of Europe, these beautiful creatures are now available to you with our easy shipping options. We offer delivery of our Breeding Kits to a variety of countries, so you can start your own butterfly journey today.



Painted Lady caterpillars

Our caterpillars are exclusively caterpillars of the Painted Lady butterfly native to Europe. Our butterfly breeding is located in Germany.


To ensure that the caterpillars are doing well, we breed and transport them according to quality standards of the International Butterfly Breeders Association.

Preferred date

You can choose the specific day you would like to receive your caterpillars.


For each order, you will receive comprehensive information on the topic of raising caterpillars and breeding butterflies.

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We keep our promises. Please contact us if you should ever be dissatisfied.

Bringing Nature to Life: The Educational Butterfly Kit for Kids

I recently purchased the Live Butterfly Caterpillars kit for my kids and it exceeded all of our expectations! The package arrived with 7 live caterpillars, caterpillar food, a butterfly habitat, some accessories, and comprehensive information material. The process of observing the caterpillars’ transformation from eating, pupating, to hatching was fascinating and educational for my children. The butterflies that emerged were absolutely beautiful and colorful, and the kids were thrilled to release them into the wild.

The kit was perfect for teaching my children about the life cycle of butterflies and how to care for living creatures. The educational value of this kit cannot be overstated. The materials were easy to follow and understand, making it perfect for young children. We were amazed at how much we learned and enjoyed the process of watching these creatures transform.

Overall, I highly recommend the Live Butterfly Caterpillars kit. It is an exceptional educational tool that is both entertaining and enlightening for children of all ages. The quality of the product and the information provided were top-notch, and we had an amazing time observing and caring for these beautiful creatures. It’s definitely a five-star product!

Sarah (Kindergarten Teacher)

The metamorphosis of butterflies

Butterfly caterpillar

Initially, the butterfly caterpillar is about the same size as the butterfly egg. Within two weeks they grow up to 4 cm. The butterfly caterpillar eats more and more every day.

Chrysalis (Pupa)

In order to pupate the butterfly caterpillars climb up the wall of the caterpillar breeding cup to attach themselves by their abdomen, then they will hang upside down and forming a J-shape. It will take about an entire day for the butterfly caterpillars to develop into a chrysalis.

chenilles de papillon

Adult butterfly

Hatching from the chrysalis, the butterfly wings will be wet and hanging down in order to get them inflated. After a short time, the wings will dry and harden.

Your butterfly breeder

Hello, I am a long-time butterfly breeder and your direct contact.

With our Butterfly Breeding Kit, you can observe the caterpillars up close and learn about their development from caterpillar, to pupa, and finally to adult butterfly. Additionally, you will also learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and how to care for them at each stage of development.

On this website, you will find all the information you need for successful butterfly rearing. However, if you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

Experience the Magic of Metamorphosis: Buy Live Caterpillars for Your Butterfly Breeding Kit Today!

Looking to experience the wonder of metamorphosis up close? Look no further than our butterfly breeding kits, complete with caterpillars for sale. With our live caterpillars, you can witness the incredible transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in the comfort of your own home.

Our butterfly caterpillars for sale are hand-selected and shipped directly to your doorstep, ensuring they arrive healthy and ready to begin their journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. Watch the fascinating process of metamorphosis unfold before your very eyes with our breeding kits.

Not sure where to buy caterpillars? We offer the option to buy live caterpillars online, making it easy for you to start your butterfly breeding project. With our fast and reliable shipping, you can order caterpillars from us and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Our butterfly breeding kits are perfect for all ages and make great gifts for children and nature lovers. Immerse yourself in the educational and entertaining experience of watching caterpillars grow and transform into stunning butterflies.

In conclusion, our website is the perfect place to buy butterfly caterpillars for sale and start your butterfly breeding journey. Witness the magic of metamorphosis firsthand with our high-quality live caterpillars and breeding kits. Order today and see the transformation for yourself!

Buy Butterfly Caterpillars online now.

Breeding butterflies is a great event for the entire family, primary schools, and kindergartens. The metamorphosis with the numerous transformations from caterpillar to butterfly is very impressing for children as well as adults.

Caterpillars are available from beginning of April to the end of September.

The Butterfly Breeding Kit is often purchased for educational purposes for children.

The children learn about the metamorphosis of the Painted Lady butterflies by raising butterfly caterpillars.

As soon as you have purchased the caterpillars, we will send them out in a well-packed caterpillar cup. There is enough caterpillar food in the caterpillar cup. The caterpillars will stay in the caterpillar cup until they have pupated.

The lid of the caterpillar cup should remain closed until pupation. To ensure the highest possible survival rate. You can carefully touch the cup with the caterpillars from outside.
Do not jerk the cup with the caterpillars or butterfly pupae. Never open the lid to stroke the caterpillars. This would disturb the caterpillar development and might enable infectional contamination destroying the caterpillars.

The only reason to open the lid is to move the butterfly pupae. In order to do this, take the cloth on which the butterfly pupae are hanging and hang it in the Butterfly Habitat. After the butterflies have hatched from the chrysalis, you can open the Butterfly Habitat and let the butterflies fly in the wild.

To ensure the highest possible survival rate, avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. Remove the silk fabrics and insect droppings from the butterfly pupae before hanging the butterfly pupa in the Butterfly Habitat.

In nature, only 5 % of butterfly eggs develop into butterflies. Under breeding conditions, a survival rate of around 80 % can be expected.

The young caterpillars are shipped a few days after hatching from the egg. We do not ship butterfly eggs or butterfly pupae.

The holes in the lid provide the caterpillars sufficiently with fresh air.

The caterpillars do not need any additional water. The moisture contained in the caterpillar food is enough.
Besides water the caterpillar food is rich on micronutrients, a mix of roasted soy meal, plant material, vitamins, and minerals.

You do not have to take care of the caterpillars every day. You can leave the butterfly caterpillars alone for a weekend. Just make sure that direct sunlight is avoided. Otherwise condensation could come up in the breeding cup. Condensation can make caterpillars ill.

The life span of the Painted Lady butterfly is approximately 1-2 months. After about a week after the butterflies have hatched, the female Painted Lady butterflies lay the previously fertilized butterfly eggs. After about a week a tiny caterpillar hatches from the butterfly egg. The young caterpillar immediately begins to search for food. During the next two to three weeks the caterpillars grow exponentially. At the end of the caterpillar stage the caterpillar pupates. The butterfly pupa hatches into a colorful butterfly after about a week.

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